Top Ten Real Estate Websites In Nepal

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Top Ten Real Estate Websites In Nepal

 In recent years Real estate websites are progressing day by day In Nepal. In fact, there are more than one thousand real estate sites to buy, sell, and rent land & properties. So, it isn’t evident for customers which real estate site is best for top-class service. So, I have decided to pigeonhole the top ten best and popular real estate websites in Nepal

In cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Birgunj, buying a house is a dream come real situation for Nepalese people because it is a once in a lifetime process. In the early days, Nepalese used to find real estate agents(In Nepali Dalali). Dalali or Agents charge as much money as possible for finding land or house from people. Their services also are not perfect for most Nepalese customers. To solve this condition, Real Estate sites are developed.

Despite having one thousand plus real estate sites, most of them are not user friendly, no customer support. They just list property with contact details and finish. This is not a case for buying and selling properties. I saw some real estate sites also run third party ads to earn more money. This is a totally bad impression for customers who want to buy/rent/sell property.
But in this article i am going to declare best real estate website list according to following factors:

  1. Price
  2. Commission % To Real Estate Site,
  3. Customer Support,
  4. User Friendliness,
  5. Property Listing Price
  6. Existing Customers Review and many more.

Top 10 Real Estate Websites: 


99aana homepage
99Aana Homepage

Probably, 99Aana is one of the fastest-growing real estate website available in Nepal. It was launched in 2019. From this date, this property site gained more popularity than others because of its quick, efficient, and inexpensive features to the customers all over Nepal. At 99aana, you can advertise a property for free, search for the best property based on location, price with different features.

This website currently has over 4000+ land and properties listed for sale. If these properties are sold, then they are listed as already sold/not available. Users can also use this website to rent different properties at affordable prices.

How is 99aana the number one property site?

They provide so many features where others don’t for example:

-In Depth about listing property/land,
Home Loans with Banks Detail,
-EMI Calculator For the Loan Amount You Require,
-Easy to listing property,
-Easy to find land/property In landing page search bar,
-Mortgage Calculator,
-24/7 Customer Support
-No Ads and many more.

Facebook Page:



Hamrobazaar is the second-best property site on my list. It is one the oldest site to buy/sell second hand all types of products. This site gained more trust than any other eCommerce site available in the market, but also sometimes fraud people listed fake and scams products to win money. So, beware of fraud and scams in these products.

Hamrobazaar has currently over 3500+ properties listed for sale. They also have a feature that if one of that product is sold, they listed this product as already sold/not available. Users can list their property for free in hamrobazar. You can also feature ads in Hamrobazaar(not for free).

Facebook Page:

How Hamrobazaar as the Second Best Property Site of Nepal?

Because of trust between Hamrobazaar and users. Hamrobazaar has a large amount of monthly active users. They give different unique features for users.

  1. Detail about properties listing,
  2. Comment in Properties,
  3. Free real estate property listing and many more.

Facebook Page:


basobaas homepage

Another top real estate nepali portal is Basobaas. This website is also quite famous in recent years because it offers a platform to facilitate the transactions between sellers and buyers and is controlled in any transaction between them. Which means they only play a communicating role between buyers and sellers. They are not responsible for any agreement/discount/disagreement between buyers and sellers. Basobaas is the same as Hamrobazaar.  They also have android and IOS apps.

How Basobaas is the Third Best Property Site of Nepal?

This site is based on the accuracy of their listing properties. Sellers need to be verified first to list the properties. Because of the following reason this site ranked third trusted site by buyers and sellers.

1) 2000+ Listing properties,
2) Advance Filter Search Option
3) Detail About Listing
4) Post Property For Free
5) Home Loan Calculator and Many More.

Facebook Page:


gharbazar homepage

Another top property searching site of Nepal is Gharbazar. This website charges some fee for sellers. If you are a seller and want to sell your property then you have to subscribe to their different plan according to your want. Their plan/listing starts from NRs 5,000 to NRs 25,000. You can also search for rental properties on this site.

How is Gharbazar the Fourth Best Property Site of Nepal?

This site has more features than any other site available in nepal. Maybe It is because of their subscription plan.
1) Advance Search option on Agents,
2) In Depth Detail about property listing with Map, comment section,
3) EMI Calculator
4) Home Loans and many more.

Facebook Page:


1Ropani is one of the famous real estate site name in Nepal. It’s design is the same as Hamrobazaar but they only list properties. They include all information related to listing for example location, price, contact detail and many more. This site also mainly focuses on Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur cities.

Facebook Page:


epproperty Nepal homepage

Another emerging property site of Nepal is EProperty Nepal. They have currently 500+ listing properties on their website and Facebook page. What I like about EpropertyNepal is their website. They have well designed and include all features for sellers and buyers so they can get all information about the property. This website is also have subscription based plan.

How is EpropertyNepal the Sixth Best Property Site of Nepal?

This site is like a rising star of property because of its UX, Design and increasing amount of listing land, houses all over Nepal.
1) Advance property search option,
2) In Depth detail about listing,
3) Both Android and IOS App available and many more..

Facebook Page:


ghargadheri homepage

Another site is GharGhaderi mostly based on Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Pokhara and Chitwan. According to them, they lisited 300+ real estate properties on their website. They also provide rental searching features like Apartment, Flat, House, Room and many more. In recent days this site is not listing any properties in the website and Facebook page.

Facebook Page:



Another site is HosingNepal mainly focused on Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur property listing. This is a mid-range site full of advertisements.

Facebook Page: 


gharbheti homepage

GharBheti allows sellers and buyers to list and search and book properties from available lists. Users can filter to search according to their needs of the property. This portal can solve your rental problem by allowing you to search for a building, flat, room, space, apartment, hostel, and land in mostly Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur. 

Facebook Page:


gharjagganepal homepage

Lastly, my last top real estate property website is GharjaggaNepal. I like this website, they have all types of listings but they contain full of google ads.

Facebook Page:

All of these sites are best on their features, but one of my best site is because they listed daily properties. Most of the Nepalese real estate sites contain spammy files and Adsense ads. From my point of view, these sites need to improve their user experience and user interface.

Go and check top ten real estate websites of Nepal. Comment which site you like.

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