Download Google Input Tools Nepali

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Download Google Input Tools Nepali

Google input tool Nepali for windows free download. You can download the installer directly and install google input tools in your windows. There are two files in the download first you need to install google input tools and then install Google input Nepali and then you are done. After successful installation, you can start to type in Nepali on your computer or laptop. This is the easiest way to type in Nepali.

How to Download Google Input Tools Nepali Offline Installer

Step 1 : Click the download button below and it will start direct downloading the zip file.

Step 2 : Extract the downloaded file in your Computer.

Step 3: You will see four files

Step 4: Double click Install Google Input tools.exe.

Step 5: Double click and install Google Input Nepali.exe.

Step 6: After installation, you can switch between English and Nepali Keyboard. Press Windows + Space button to switch between keyboards.

Download Google Input tools Nepali
Switch Keyboard

Now You can Begin Typing in Nepali With Google Nepali Input Tools

Download Google Input tools Nepali
Google Input tools Nepali

Features of Google Nepali Input Tools

  1. Easy Nepali typing:

With Google Nepali input tools you can type in Nepali easily. It will convert the input ASCII code into the Nepali standard font.

Easy switch between English and Nepali keyboard:

You can simply switch the English and Nepali keyboard anytime depending on your requirement.

Accurate translation:

Google Nepali tools offer 100% accurate translation of English characters to Nepali font.

Word Suggestion:

As you start typing you can see word suggestion which makes your work easier and simpler.

download google input tools nepali type
Goole Nepali Input : Word Suggestion

Download Google Input Tools Nepali


File Format: zip.

Size: 11MB

Downloads: 179

Click here to download Download

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  1. namaste
    how can i type purnabiram (|) and “ryak” using google input?
    and is there any character map in google input?

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