Best Software Companies in Nepal

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Best Software Companies in Nepal

Kathmandu is still home to a number of the best software companies in Nepal. The software companies in Kathmandu are respected throughout Nepal due to their effective IT and business-related services.  Although there still some reputed companies outside of the valley that claim to be providing the best IT related solution to many business companies and commercial firms.

With the massive success of those software firms in Nepal. Some of the companies in Nepal are providing cost-effective and best software solution with skilled software specialists, which can be found in abundance. It aids the software businesses to come up with cost-effective small business solutions for their customers. Besides, some software companies in Nepal are international, which are developing software projects for most European countries and have become a favourite destination for outsourcing too.

Some common services that Software Companies In Nepal provides are.

  1. E-commerce solution:
  2. Enterprise Software:
  3. Mobile Wallets:
  4. Mobile banking:
  5. Commercial Software:
  6. Personal Software
  7. CMS(Content Management System)
  8. Office Solution:
  9. Schools Software:
  10. Hospital Software

Best IT and Software Companies in Nepal


#1. F1Soft International Pvt. Ltd

  • Employees: 180-  200
  • Location: Hattisar, Kathmandu.

F1Soft International is an ISO Certified software company of Nepal. F1Soft International Pvt. Ltd. is a company working in the field of software development and IT services since 2004.  The companies claim that they’ve streamlined a variety of services by focusing on growing trade of mobile banking and have evolved to some FinTech (Financial Technology) company.

best software companies in nepal

F1Soft International has made a remarkable place and relentlessly keeps on extending its product improvement exercises. It consists of profoundly qualified and talented programming Engineers for providing quality software solutions to businesses and customers

Their acclaimed products include Mobile Banking System, Internet Banking System, Tab Banking System, Cards Management System, Digital Wallet and Internet Payment Gateway. F1soft is the leader in presenting mobile banking and mobile related financial services in Nepal and directs the market with nearly 90 percent of Nepal’s banking and commercial packages.

#2. Deerwalk PVT LTD:

  •  Location: Sifal, Kathmandu.
  • Employee: 220-300

Founded in 2010,” Deerwalk is a Population, Health, Data Management, and Healthcare Analytics Business.

best software companies in nepal

Deerwalk is currently a privately-held company based in Lexington, MA, with over 300 employees worldwide, it has institute in Kathmandu called “DWIT”, Nepal.  Deerwalk was made by former executives of a well-known health care analytics firms,  D2Hawkeye, Kanawha Health Solutions along with TC3 Health. Deerwalk’s senior executive group has over a century of combined health care IT and analytics expertise in the C-Suite degree of health companies. They say “We bring fantastic services and products to our customers, a number of the brightest health analytics subject matter a lot in the business”. Deerwalk’s comprehension and expertise in the health space is unmatched, providing Big Data along with NoSQL services and products into Third Party Administrators, Brokers & Consultants, Employers & Providers, Health Plans, Accountable Care Organizations, Care Management & Wellness companies.

#3. LeapFrog Technology

  • Location: Charkhal Rd, Dillibazar
  • Employee: N/A

best it companies in nepal

Leapfrog is one of the few best software companies in Nepal providing the best quality software solution business. This company is specially dedicated to Healthcare, Edtech, Consumer, and all things data. They are also specialized in Big Data, IoT, VR, AI, BI and best cloud solutions. It consists of whole bunch of software developers from varied backgrounds including PHP, JAVA, SWIFT and many more. Leapfrog includes an exceptional ecosystem for gifted technology leaders and engineers. That is where they construct their collaborative culture, advanced techniques, and key sauce services and products to streamline delivery and communication made to bring you victory.

#4. Cotivity (Formerly called Verscend Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

  • Employee: 338
  • Location: Hattisar, Kathmandu, Nepal.

best software companies in nepal

Launched in 2004, Cotivity Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Previously Verscend Information Technologies) is a Major America based Software Company in Nepal.

This company has around  300 professionals that take part in various software development phases such as the design, development, testing and maintenance of remarkable lineup of trend-setting focusing on Healthcare. Cotivity is primarily focused on Healthcare-related IT solutions with risk-free products.  This company of Nepal is among the eight centres of Cotivity Inc. that work in seven locations around the United States of America and always ranked one of the very best healthcare informatics businesses. In Nepal, Cotivity Information Technologies has its own remarkable individuality in the software market of Nepal.

#5. Verisk Nepal

  • Location: Charkhal Rd, Dillibazar
  • Employee: N/A

Verisk Nepal is one of the best software development and IT company of Nepal providing all kinds of application and IT-related services to its customers

We are focused on application projects and company operations. The company believes their internal customer goals and requirements from a business and technology standpoint. Plus they cooperate with Verisk’s companies through all phases of a job, from staff management and development to final shipping. They follow the best practice of SDLC including waterfall, AGILE, Kanban and KAIZEN

The company said “We provide risk assessment software and services options across product lines. We are involved with the design, testing, development, and maintenance of their inner customers’ applications and software”

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#6. CloudFactory Limited

  • Employee: 135
  • Location: Bhainsepati, Lalitpur.

CloudFactory Limited wants to present itself as “the most sweltering tech startup” organization of Nepal.


The organization’s Technology Platform was intentionally intended to convey speed without settling on anything.  Machine Learning and AI  are executed at all phases of a work process – previously, during, and after human assignments.

They give their customers from around the globe with precise and auspicious outcomes that requires programming engineers, information researchers, business improvement specialists and a large group of other splendid individuals to meet up at workplaces situated in Durham, Nairobi, Kathmandu and Hong Kong.

#7. Braindigit IT Solution Pvt. Ltd.

  • Employee: 120
  • Location:  Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu.

best software companies in nepal

Since its commencement in 2008, Braindigit IT Solution has been one of the significant supporters of the worldwide market in Business Application Development, Enterprise Content Management, Mobile App Development and Collaborative E-trade Solution in Nepal. The company currently consists of around 120 employees.

Braindigit IT Solution gives probably the best assistance all-inclusive to meet all the IT needs of your business. With broad investigative research and the best heads working for giving the software solution your business is custom-fitted, not exclusively to appear as something else yet to be the best.

Its company is situated in Kathmandu, Nepal with contact workplaces in Canada and the Philippines. The company is furnished with assets to take into account the requirements, projects and the need of customers. The assets run from, however, are not restricted to, most recent equipment and system offices to a profoundly talented workforce. This makes Braindigit stand out as one of the best software companies in Nepal.


#8. Eval Technologies:

  • Location: Tinkune, Nepal
  • Employee: 11 – 50

best software companies in nepal

Eval is a team of IT Professionals pushed towards executing the very best of the technologies and supplying solutions for a variety of areas with the assistance of Information technologies. The Major Service would be to give design and development linked to technology that will assist you to improve your company. The committed staff of EVAL consistently delivers exceptionally high-quality services and products. The team is composed of designers, programmers, coders of different backgrounds and supervisors and senior management personnel.


#9. Javra Software

  • Employee: 110
  • Location: Kumaripati, Lalitpur.

Javra Software company located at Lalitpur with around 100 employees that has been changing the customary methods for software solutions with its customer base in Europe, Asia and USA.

With a large number of innovative software engineers and developers, they are providing the best digital solution. Javra’s solid establishment was laid in the year 1999 in The Netherlands. Since 2006, for example for as long as ten years, Javra is additionally working through the seaward office with a group of splendid experts in Nepal. Javra Software is the focal point of greatness in programming development of ERP systems,  Javra gives practical IT solution, for Modern Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Big Data/Business Intelligence and E-trade and many more.


#10. EB Pearls:

  • Location: Kathmandu
  • Employee: 100 – 200


best software companies in nepal

It has a group of 95 front and back-end engineers, Project administrators and Quality experts working as a software developer in Kathmandu, Nepal. With over 9+ long stretches of experience, the company has increased a skill mainly in PHP, WordPress, Magento and iPhone applications. Its main focus is to offer the great advanced answers for customers with 40-60% cost sparing than the market cost. EB Pearls plans, structures and deals with its customers with its main Headquarter in Sydney while the management and quality control are executed in Kathmandu office.







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