Best Family Restaurants in Kathmandu

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Best Family Restaurants in Kathmandu

There are a number of restaurants in Kathmandu, especially in Thamel. Practically any restaurant can be the best café for your launch and breakfast, contingent upon your needs. What’s more? Once in a while, you have to look for a restaurant to satisfy your hunger. Different types of restaurants have their own environment. When you are planning to spend some family time on some of the family-friendly restaurants in Kathmandu then these restaurants are what you need to get your things done.

The below mentioned family-friendly restaurants are the spot for you when need to spend some quality time with your family.  These are suitable for a family environment that offers you various local foods and drinks. These restaurants are the best spot that is found in the Kathmandu valley. Get ready for delicious dinner with your family.

#1 Bhojan Griha 

“Bhojan Griha” located at  Dilli Bazar, is where you can spend your best time with family while having traditional Nepali foods. This restaurant serves a fabulous environment for your family with the best delicious foods and drinks. The best family-friendly restaurant place in town. You can enjoy traditional Nepali live music while having your favorite meal. You can enjoy various Veg and Non-Veg snacks. Most of their food and ingredients are organic See Bhojan Griha Menu.

#2. Forest and Plate

The Forest and Plate is popular restaurant among people in Kathmandu. It is located at Sagarmatha Complex at Mandala Street and has a green vibe to it. As a name suggests “Forest” It has been beautified with little plants on pots which give the guests a vibe that they are in a garden. Despite the fact that its a privilege in Thamel. You can spend good time with family while having delicious food. it is a very quiet and family-friendly restaurant and its rough look compliments the greenery that encompasses the spot. The highest floor is very decent and on a blistering summer day, the breeze is glorious.

#3. Blueberry Kitchen & Coffee Shop

Located at Chhetrapati, Thamel, Paknajol marga in, Kathmandu, Blueberry is your optimal choice when it comes to family restaurants. Blueberry Kitchen & Coffee Shop offers Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Drinks with Italian, International, European, Asian, Nepali, Vegetarian-Friendly foods. Outdoor seating is available to enjoy nature while eating food. This restaurant offers fast service. Many facilities like parking, reservation,  TV are also available. It is a budget-friendly restaurant.

#4. Kathmandu Steak House Restaurant

Located in Thamel area, this restaurant provides the most luxuries service for the family. It offers various continental, Italian, local food items for guest. Similarly, the food offered has quality, hygienic and clean products and is the center for many international tourists. It offers free wi-fi and luggage storing service to its customers. This restaurant is rated excellence in service and has a certificate of excellence for its quality service to guest and customers. Lodging and fooding both are available at a cheap and reasonable price.

#5. Toran Restaurant

Toran Restaurant is located at “Dwarika’s hotel” near Pashupatinath. This is one of several best family-friendly restaurants in Kathmandu that is serving best and quality food for its customers. This is the best restaurants in Kathmandu that are worth your visit with family. The service time and dining environment are of optimal excellence.

#6. Upstairs Cafe

Upstairs cafe located in Chaksibari in Thamel is best suited for a family. Serving Italian, europian and Asian food. It is a new restaurant in Kathmandu and serves quality and hygienic food to its customer with budget-friendly prices. According to them, they have an open kitchen to let their guest know how they are preparing food. The upstairs cafe offers Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Drinks and many more. With no doubt, you can check this restaurant with your family.

#7. Fusion Himalaya Restaurant:

Pakanjol Marga, Kathmandu. If you are wandering out to find the best restaurant for family and searching for some authentic Nepali eateries in Kathmandu, at that point Fusion Himalaya Restaurant in your best choice. With a least and reasonable price, it offers quality food and best service to its valuable guest. Available cuisines are Indian, Cafe, Asian, Nepali, Diner and Tibetan food with vegetarian-friendly dishes

#8.  Fire and Ice

The Fire and Ice offer the best of customary Italian cooking and Chinese food. Opened in 1995, the pizza shop has turned into an eating staple in Kathmandu for local family and friends, This is a luxury restaurant for a wealthy family. The pizza joint prides itself on offering a decent blend of valid, yet imported fixings and the best of local products. This restaurant is definitely for you if you are going with family or even with your friends.

#9. Kaiser Café:

Kaiser Café offers one of the quietest and friendly environment for eating with family in Kathmandu and it is a truly necessary escape from the bustling shopping avenues of the Thamel locale. Many local and continental food items are available within the minimum charge. It is a budget-friendly family restaurant. You have the varieties of veg and non-veg items to choose from. You can enjoy the atmosphere of this restaurant.

#10. Alice Restaurant

The Restaurant is situated on the highest floor. The seating view and environment are of extremely appealing.You can enjoy the great view from the top floor. The working Staffs are friendly and polite. They offer fast service time. Suitable for family and friends. Alice restaurants offer varieties of food and it is mainly popular for “Yaki Gyoza(Pork) “, Chicken Sizzler, Roast Chicken. They offer food withing 10minutes of time. You don’t have to wait longer for the food you order.

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