Earn Money from AdSense in Nepal (All you need to Know)


Earn Money from AdSense in Nepal (All you need to Know)

Its a True fact that thousands are Nepalese are  earning a good amount of money from AdSense in Nepal. AdSense is a good option for many people to make money for their living. Isn’t it amazing that you can make automated money from AdSense just by using a computer or smartphone and by sitting in your own home? If you have no clue about what AdSense actually is and hoping to earn money then I hope after reading this article you can get all the information about AdSense and how you can make money from AdSense in Nepal.

Nowadays, working on the internet and making money online has become a way of life for many Nepalese, thousands of people want to earn money through AdSense in Nepal. The fascinating truth is; numerous people are getting from money from AdSense in Nepal and living their dream. And if they can, then why can’t you? If you have known some people who are making money from AdSense in Nepal, not certain about how they are getting money then keep reading and scrolling through this post

This is a finished guide for people like you who needs to understand about Adsense in Nepal and start making money by means of AdSense. Before the finish of this epic guide, you will have all the necessary data alongside things you have to do to begin getting money. So how about we get into the detail and see how people are profiting from AdSense by working on the internet and how you can as well.

Money from Google AdSense in Nepal

Google AdSense is a free monetization service offered by Google for content publishers to get money from their web content. By publisher, you can understand anyone who has a blogging site, a Website, or a YouTube channel, or other permitted online property. AdSense has consistently been the most mainstream approaches to make money from content and one of the best options for individuals who need to make money online. I know people are making $500 to $1500 per month through AdSense in Nepal.

Adsense in nepal
Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

The reason behind AdSense being so popular in Nepal is because it is simple you can make money by yourself. You don’t have to depend or anyone, you are your own boss and can work whenever or wherever you want. In addition, AdSense pays you your money monthly and on time. There is no chance of being delay in your income. You can just sit back and relax and see money coming on your AdSense account. Besides getting money from AdSense in Nepal is pretty easy. There are various payment methods, you can pick one whichever suits your needs.

Starting with AdSense

Beginning with AdSense in Nepal to make money is simple and here all you need is a blog or website with more that 10 contents or YouTube channel which has more than 1000 subscribers and 4000 Hours of watch time to get accepted by AdSense program to start making money. When you have content on your blog, website or videos on YouTube, you should simply start a partnership with AdSense and start Google ads on your website.

  1. First of all login to your Google account and go to Adsense start page and click on get started.
  2. In the second page Enter your website address or if you want to monitize from YouTube, go to your channel and copy-paste the URL.

    Adsense in nepal
    Adsense Sign Up
  3. Provide your basic information Name, Adress, Email etc. in the next page.
  4. After that you will be redirected to AdSense home page. After that Adsense will give you a tracking code. Just copy the code and paste it in your website header.
  5. After placing the code on your website, Google will review your site to check whether your site meets the requirement for google AdSense. It may take upto 3 days to review your site.
  6. And once your Website get approved for Google Adsense. You can start your journey with Adsense

The process is simple and you just need to place AdSense Ad code provided by Google on your website, and AdSense will start showing ads on your website. When someone visits your website they will see the ads by Google and when taps on those ads, you will get paid. After this, you will likely get traffic to your blog and the more traffic you get, the more chance that your earning will increase.

Advantages of Starting with AdSense in Nepal

The Google AdSense program has a few incredible focal points including:

  1. Anyone can join AdSense program easily and it doesn’t cost a dollar.
  2. Requirement policy is simple, which means you can adapt your site or blog in any event, even when you are new.
  3. You don’t have to spend time customizing ads. There are many types of advertisement choices, and it will automatically fit the look and feel according to your website.
  4. Google pays your money on monthly basic with many payment options such as bank transfer, western union remittance, cheque transfer etc. depending on your requirement.
  5. AdSense is even simpler with a blogger and YouTube. To use AdSense with YouTube you must have 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel and more than 4000 hours of watch time.
  6. You can run advertisements on many sites from one AdSense account.

Google AdSense Payments

Google pays your earning on monthly basis through direct money transfer, or wire transfer once your earning reaches the minimum threshold of USD 100. However In the event that your AdSense earning doesn’t reach $100 in one month, let’s say you only made 50$ in one month then your current income will be added with the upcoming month income. Once your income is more than or equal to 100$, Google will send you your money. I started to make money from AdSense and from Sixth months of monitization I began making $150 per month from Adsense in Nepal.

Adsense in nepal
$100.00 Threshold

Through your AdSense account, you can see your current income of the day, week or and month. You can also see your income progress through time and get more information from Google to improve your income as well.

How much money you can make from AdSense in Nepal.

There are various factors that affect your income from AdSense in Nepal.

  1. Number of Visitors
  2. Cost Per Click(CPC)
  3. Click-Through Rate(CPC)
  4. How Ads are places on your site.
  5. Location of Visitors

Depending upon these factors your income can increase and decrease over time. So how much you can actually make from AdSense in Nepal? Let’s break it down.
Let’s say that you have a blogging site or a website and you get daily 1000 traffic or visitors on your website or blog. If you have one Google AdSense Ads on each page of your Website then your get 1000 impression, which means 1000 times Google ads are being shown to the visitors of your website.

Similarly, CTR or Click Through Rate also affects your income from AdSense. If you get 20 clicks on your ads by visitors out of 1000 impression then your Click Through Rate is 2%. In most of the cases, your CTR will be between 0.5% and 5%. CTR is calculated by:
Total Clicks / Total Impression * 100
Which in our case we have.
20/1000*100 = 2 %

CPC or Cost per Click is money you get when viewers click on your ads. In short CPC in cost per one click. CPC will be around $0.01 to $5.00. Sometimes it is even more than that. CPC is not always the same. CPC always depends upon to type of ads being shown and the location of visitors. In case of Nepal, CPC is always low and lies between $0.1 and $0.50. If visitors are from European countries like the US, Canada Australia then in that case CPC is mostly high.

How much money you can make from AdSense in Nepal from 1000 Views.

So now you knew what CPC, CTR and Impression are. So how much you can actually make from AdSense in Nepal per 1000 Views.
As we have already discussed below. Earning will depend on various factors. But let’s take an assumption
If you are getting 1000 Impression per 1000 Views in Nepal and your CTR is 2%, which means 20 people are clicking on your per day. Let’s say CPC is $0.20.
So 20*0.20 = $4.00
In that your earning will be $4.00 per 1000 Ads Impression from AdSense in Nepal.

Making Money from AdSense in Nepal requires a lot of Time and Efforts

Here are tips for boosting AdSense income once you start with Google AdSense:

#1. Read Terms and Policy of AdSense Program: Webmasters must consent to Google’s program policy and Terms.

#2. Try not to tap without anyone else on your Ads or request others to click on them: Incentivizing clicks, purchasing Pay per Click (PPC), or utilizing a program or bot intended to direct people to AdSense pages are against the principles. Google will eventually find out and ban your account. Keep in mind, Google is a big company and is extremely careful about disrupting the guidelines, so stick to them.

#3. Have unique content on your blog or YouTube: If you can produce unique and high-quality content. You can generate money from it. So give importance to your content and you can surely get quality traffic to your blog or site.

#4. Learn SEO: Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to increase the visibility of your website or videos on search results.

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