Preeti to Unicode Converter

Preeti Font to Unicode Converter

Preeti to Unicode converter is an online tool through which you can convert any Preeti font to Unicode character. It is the easiest and effective tool that converts your Preeti font to ASCII character and converted ASCII character is converted into Nepali Unicode. You can use to converter font to many applications as per your requirement. There are some situations where you can’t use Preeti font, In such a case you can use our converter to transform your Preeti to Unicode and use the font accordingly.

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How to Use Preeti to Unicode Converter?

It is really simple to use this tool. You can either type the font which you want to convert to Nepali Unicode in the upper text box or directly paste your text with (CTRL+V). Once your Preeti character is ready, you can click on “Convert to Unicode” button and  BOOM! you have your Unicode font ready to use. Select the Unicode character from second textarea in the page with (CTRL+A), copy it with (CTRL+C) and paste it (CTRL+V) in the location where you want to use Unicode font. Its really simple.

This Converter is used by more that 10,000 Nepali per month. Nepalcatalog’s Preeti to Unicode converter is trusted by our users. You can use this converter freely. You can also use our Uniocde to Preeti Converter

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