English to Nepali Unicode Converter

Nepali Unicode Converter

With our free Unicode Converter tool you can easily convert your text to Nepali unicode format. Just type anything you want to convert from English to Nepali unicode in the text box below and you can see the translation as soon as you type. You can use this tool whenever you need any document or message in Nepali language. Unless you are an expert in Nepali Typing, without converter it is very hard to type in Nepali unicode font This is most efficient and easy Nepali Unicode Converter tool you can use to save you time and effort.

Type Below And It will Automatically Start Converting Unicode into Nepali…

[xyz-ihs snippet=”unicode-converter”]

See this guide if you are having some difficulties while converting some complex words

Traslation For Some Complex Nepali letters: ta = त, Ta = ट, tha = थ, Tha = ठ, da = द, Da = ड, dha = ध, Dha = ढ, na = न, Na = ण, sha = श, Sha = ष.

Upper case and lowercase does not matter in other cases.

You can use word inside curly brackets  {  } to Ignore some English word to be translated. If you don’t want some text to be translated into Nepali Unicode you can do so by simply placing your desired word inside { }.

Some Examples For Nepali to English Unicode Converter.

Nepal              =  नेपाल

Aama              =  आमा

Namaskar      =  नमस्कार

Hajur               =  हजुर

Ramailo cha  =  रमाइलो छ

Feri Bhetaula =  फेरी भेटौला

Ramro cha     =  राम्रो छ

To ignore words while translating. Simpy use { } 

Example: mero {laptop} kaha cha – मेरो  laptop  कहा छ


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