How to Make Money from YouTube in Nepal

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How to Make Money from YouTube in Nepal

Do you want to make a successful YouTube channel and generate a passive income in Nepal? Well if you want then you can read this article and get every single piece of information for starting a successful YouTube channel. I will guide you through the exact process with clear information that you need along the way in your YouTube journey. However, one thing is clear that you can make thousands of dollars per month. Be sure that you cannot get success on a quick time YouTube.
YouTube is likewise the world’s biggest video sharing platform and the third most visited webpage on the web. And equally, it is the best option for anyone in Nepal or over the world to make good amount of online money.

How You Can Make Money From YouTube in Nepal

So how much money you can actually make from YouTube? Test this, the rumoured Wall Street Journal had once announced that PewDiePie, which is one of the few most subscribed YouTube channel, made an expected USD 4 Million out of 2013 alone.

So, Before we begin let me make one thing clear here. You can surely make excellent money from YouTube even in Nepal. Famous YouTubers like ImSega, James Shrestha, Sisan Baniya, Chetanvlogs, BiKi RoasTer are equally most successful YouTubers of Nepal and are making Thousands of dollars consistently. Indeed, even numerous little YouTubers are profiting from YouTube in Nepal.
So how great would it be if you start your very own YouTube channel and start making online money?
Here are the exact steps that you need to follow along the way of your successful YouTube journey.

1. Start Your YouTube Channel
2. Make Videos
3. Edit Videos4. Prepare for YouTube SEO
5. Upload Videos
6. Apply for YouTube Partnership
7. Profit from Your Videos

1. Start your YouTube channel

It is nothing more than just creating an account.
Just go YouTube and sign in with your google account.
Click on your account at the upper right corner and there you will see a prompt to create a channel. Type in Your channel name and upload a channel cover photo and provides a basic description of your channel.

2. Make Videos

Make money from youtube in Nepal
Record Video

This is the main part. You can make different kinds of videos for a specific group of people. Videos such as News, Interview, Vines, Roast, Vlogs, and Gameplay are popular if we see in the context of Nepal. So start making videos in which you are interested in with your Smartphone or Digital camera.
Don’t worry about the video and sound quality if you don’t have a good resources at hand. Just give your best toward your content rather than video quality. You can buy cameras and a microphone when you start profiting.
Other than a camera you need the following things to make your recordings.

A PC or a smartphone
Great Microphone
Screen Recorder
Video and Audio Editing Tools

3. Edit your videos.

earn money from youtube in nepal

Editing is yet an important step after making a video. You have to edit all the raw footage you have recorded to fit into the requirement. If you don’t know how to edit videos and spends few weeks learning video editing and practice on your own.
There comes a situation where you need to apply transition, effects, audio, motion, text and graphics in which you need to edit your videos. So before uploading make sure that you have your video ready with all the necessary editing.


4. Prepare for YouTube SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what makes your videos visible to the people who search it. Make sure you cover all the SEO parameters required to rank your video. It is never bad decision to spend some time learning SEO. If you learn all the basic SEO it will definitely help you to increase views and subscribers to your channel.
You will learn:
How to add a compelling Title that attracts more viewers
How to make people regularly come to your channel.
How to make attract visitor to view more of your videos

5. Upload Videos

So the next step is to upload your video to YouTube. It is Just simple as in sounds, Just open YouTube app on your smartphone or go to Youtube and click on the cam recorder icon on the upper right screen. Just select the video you want to upload and click upload.
Depending upon your video size uploading needs to be processed – which can likewise be seen in the status bar.

How to make money from Youtube in Nepal
YouTube Upload

Enter your Title, Description and Tags:
Title: A short title that describes the Video. Make sure your Title is appealing to your viewers matches the video content.
Description: A brief description of your video.
Tags: Tag is one of the most important ways to rank your video in YouTube search results: Tags help users find your video when they search the site. Provide relevant tags in your video

6. Apply for YouTube Partnership Program

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) empowers video makers to make money from their videos posted on the channel.
This is normally through ads seen on their video and from YouTube premium supporters who watch their recordings.
Google ads is the best program through which you can generate income from your YouTube videos.
You can apply to join the YouTube Partner program legitimately from your individual record in the creator studio. When your channel has 4,000 watch hours and has at least 1,000 subscribers it is looked into to join the program.

7. Start Earning Money from YouTube

When you start earning money from YouTube you must keep going. Do you know why many Nepali YouTubers are successful? Because they keep going, they keep posting videos consistently, and they are regular.
So the main thing people are curious to know about is:

What amount of money do Nepali YouTubers make?

The money earned from YouTube is not like salary. So the price always varies even on a day to day basis. However, some of the popular Nepali YouTubers make approximately 1000 USD per month on their weekly upload.

How much does YouTube pay per view in Nepal?

There is no definite answer to this question. The amount of money you make from YouTube varies on a lot of factors such as CTR, Viewers Location, Types of video and many more. And YouTube pays you money according to these factors.
So here goes…
You remain to make 55 % of the income of your videos. Normally, YouTube keeps the other 45 %. So at a normal, you can make between USD 1-2 for every 2,000 to 4,000 views on your video if your viewers are from Nepal.

In Conclusion

So now you have learned all the steps which you need to follow for making money from YouTube in Nepal. Now all I want you to do is get started right now. Depending on how energetic and committed you are, you can surely get success in YouTube. You need to be patient enough because it’s a long race, you cannot get quick income from YouTube.

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