Top Inspiring Nepali Bloggers You Must Follow

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Top Inspiring Nepali Bloggers You Must Follow

I have been looking through a lot about blogger in Nepal. As most of the time, I go over a couple of Nepali blogs to any new updates or stories around Nepal and suddenly I had a realization  that, wouldn’t it be a great idea to make  a list of the top inspiring Nepali bloggers?

Bloggers are making a remarkable move in the online world. There are very few Nepali bloggers who are successfully blogging timely. I have searcher to find some of them to set up the once-over of top Nepali bloggers that you can follow for best information and posts.

The blog list here isn’t centered around explicit order. Besides, I acknowledge the top blog is one which contains quality and unique posts and is updated frequently.

Top Inspiring Nepali Bloggers You Must Follow

1. Gadget Byte Nepal

This one is in our first list it is pure tech blog in of Nepal. Above all else, there are many blogs of Nepal in innovation, technology, and gadgets, Gadget Byte Nepal is one of them. This blog is mainstream among tech lovers. This blog generally includes about the gadgets and tech occurring in the nation. It additionally includes reviews of the most recent technology available in Nepal. The founder and CEO of Gadgetbyte Nepal is Yural Maskey.

Visit Gadget Byte Nepal

Tech Lekh

TechLekh is Nepal’s driving media that spotlights on new businesses. It is pleased to be a platform that targets speaking to the thoughts and advancement that come into the Nepali market.

TechLekh highlights on improving Nepali Startups, items, occasions alongside meetings, which are changing the scene of Nepalese Technology. It surveys different Nepali applications, items, programming and administrations that are making an effect on Nepalese society.

Visit Tech Lekh

Tech Sansar

Tech Sansar is additionally an innovation blog. As the use of technology in Nepal is growing and so is the need for people to be updated with the latest technology news. Tech Sansar is a great blog focusing on the latest technology and innovation in Nepal

Possibly Tech Sansar is the most popular blog in Nepal. The blog includes on innovation-related issues and other tech surveys. Tech Sansar likewise explores the new development and new companies. In spite of the fact that this blog appears to be not hitting articles normally these days, I think about it among one of the rousing Nepali bloggers.

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Most likely, the media blog in Nepali bloggers list. Lex Limbu has a large fan base. The UK based Nepali blogger has hit into the news for another reason as opposed to his blog. He conceded himself as an LGBT transgender. In this way, his declaration was on the media. Lex Limbu highlights Nepali media, gossips, and entertainment.

Visit Lex Limbu

Aakar Post

This is a tech blog of Nepal and this one is in the Nepali language. The blog that is in Nepali language hits many followers, Aakar Anil expounds on innovation happenings and a few instructional things in this blog. So this must be on the list.

Visit Aakar Post


TechinfoNepal is one of the developing innovation blogs in Nepali bloggers society. It highlights the most recent occurring and tech how to control for its clients. In an ongoing time its beginning to get some kind of traffic. When I have chosen to include this blog on my rundown, I have experienced every single article of it. The reviews are valuable and supportive from multiple points of view. It may not be the highest point of the Nepali bloggers list but rather most likely it will.

Visit TechinfoNepal

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I trust ImNepal is the Nepali way of life blog. The blog is refreshed frequently. It is one of the most viewed blogging sites in Nepal. So I am including it on my list. This blog includes the lifestyle in Nepal. You can find lots of information from this site. ImNepal is popular for its quotes, sayings, proverbs and many more Nepali jokes.  This blog is worth to be in the list of inspiring Nepali bloggers. It is currently managed and run by Jitendra Sahayogi.

Visit ImNepal

Nepali Trends

Another blog that I am including as one of the top Nepali bloggers is Nepali Trends. I truly like the blog. It is about slanting in Nepal. So I think it’s one of the Blogs to follow. You can check whats drifting through this blog. You can find articles about almost every field of Nepal. You can likewise find Celebrity biography, gossips and many more flavours along the way.

Visit Nepali Trends

This list is not enough for Top Inspiring Nepali Blogger,

Likely, insufficient for top inspiring Nepali bloggers list. The above-mentioned lists of Inspiring Nepali bloggers in from my personal point of view. I may have missed some of the other popular bloggers. Furthermore, some other Nepali bloggers are serving superior to the above lists. if that you find any other blogs that you think are the best, that is helpful. If you know any other blogs please drop a comment below.



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