10 Small and Profitable Business Ideas in Nepal For Startups.

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10 Small and Profitable Business Ideas in Nepal For Startups.


The chase for small businesses for financing a great life has been the most desired aspect of every Nepali citizen. It’s a dream of every person to start a profitable business for their financial growth. However, we trust the fact that every successful business whether it is small or big starts a little idea in mind. Your ideas are the most important factor before you start any business.

So in this post, we are going to present you with the most profitable small business Ideas in Nepal, as we as a whole know, smart Ideas requires smart action. What’s more, now and then, in the event that you plan it well, these thoughts can assemble you with the blasting success at the most reduced starting expenses while getting you the most elevated potential returns. Following the business history of Nepal, it has been noticed that the market is ready for the aggressive business visionary to rule it today. A few people may have the plan to start a business in Nepal whether it is big or small, in case if you have not yet figured out how to start and what to start than here you will find some of the important ideas.

We will discuss about some target markets in Nepal to start a successful business up and running.

Small and Profitable Business Ideas in Nepal


#1. Hair Cutting Salon:

Hair saloon is one of the most growing business ideas in Nepal. You can start with nothing and come out as a business giant. Yes, you can start a hair saloon even if you don’t know how to cut hair. All you need is a space in the right location to start a saloon, it can at present be evaluated for decent worth. Creating and running a hair salon is a productive plan. In this as well, the most extreme cost you will need to start a hair salon would be the base sum you pay for the rent of space where your hair saloon is and some money on purchasing items like: scissors, comb, mirrors and chairs. It is recommended to have your plan ready before you start your salon business.

business ideas in Nepal


#2. Travel agency

The travel industry in Nepal has witnessed a boom in the past decade. As you already know Nepal in one of the best travel destinations of the World. There is a large number of international Tourist that targets Nepal as one of their vacation Trip. So, Keeping that in mind starting a Travel agency in Nepal for aspiring entrepreneurs to put their money is great Ideas. You can start Travel agencies with a minimum of 20,000 in Nepal.


#3. Online Payment Shops

Even with online recharge, in Nepal, most mobile-users prefer visiting a recharge shop to fill their balance and pay utility bills. So those looking to practise this business can start by renting a space in a small local shop. This rent will be the primary (monthly) expenditure. You also need to form ties with the network providers of the area, such as Ncell, NTC, SmartCell etc. with local wallets like E-Sewa and Khalti, and pen down their commission rates, where they will receive a cut of your profits from the sale of the commodities taken from them. Assuming that you aren’t looking to rent out a shop-space in any expensive real-estate property, your overall costs will definitely feature below the Rs. 10,000 scale.

business ideas in Nepal


#4. Breakfast Shops

You must have noticed how those little breakfast and tea stores across your city are almost always filled with customers. No matter what, there are always a bunch of people who are searching for good food to feed their hunger. Food as a commodity will always do well in a competitive market. To open up your own “Khaja Ghar”, you need to invest money in renting a space for it, after having received a permit for it from the respective authorities. If your rent is within Rs 5000 a month, you can dedicate the rest of your budget on buying groceries and other raw materials as well as second-hand tables and chairs. Also read: 100 ideas for making money online with a budget under Rs 5,000


#5. Tuition centre:

This is possibly one of the most cost-effective businesses in Nepal to launch, due to its near-zero starting cost requirement. All you need for this business to start in Nepal is a little expertise in subjects like Math, Science, English, Account or Computer. There are a lot of students searching for tutors in your city. So you can be the one to help them while earning some active income. Most tuition-teachers take classes in their own homes, thus eliminating any expenditure on rent and supplies. Yet it is one of some small business ideas in Nepal but most effective. The only effort you need to put in as a tuition teacher is to take to advertise yourself so that students can get to know you or you can go to the old school to offer your tuition service.

business ideas in Nepal


#6. Cake, Coffee and Bakery Shop

business ideas in Nepal

Starting your own Cake and Bakery Shop as a startups business in Nepal is a great idea if you know what to do and how to do it. A huge number of Bread, biscuits and cake are consumed in our city as breakfast, this just demonstrates that the market is ready for Bakery and cake based business in Nepal. Similarly, we can see many customers hanging around coffee and tea shops in our town. Without any assistance and huge efforts you run and start a cake shop in Nepal, which has been blowing some people’s minds. Practically you can start with as low as 30,000 and can raise a good amount of return from this business in Nepal. All you need is a business mind.


#7. Blogging

business ideas in Nepal

This is conceivably one of the most rewarding fields to take advantage of in digital and informational age. If you don’t know about blogging then, then it is basically an online website with posts and information and articles written on a specific field. There are already numbers of people in Nepal making a good income with a blogging business. You just need to put a little amount of time and money to start blogging. All you need is a name for your blog(Domain Name) such as “www.nepalcatalog.com” and hosting service to host your website. At first in any event, if you consider focusing on this business idea in Nepal you need to do some research and know the business behind blogging and depending on your commitment and focus you can make the boundless amount of money.


#8. YouTube channel

YouTube is a great platform for people to showcase their talents and innovation. In this age and day many people have started to make their living with YouTube in Nepal. It is one of the best business ideas not just in Nepal. YouTube enables users to make a YouTube channel and upload their videos. Indeed, it even pays some YouTubers whose channels are mainstream. You can begin to make money from YouTube.


#9. Photography:

Assuming that you plan to take up proficient photography, you may as of now are in control of a superior quality camera. Without thinking about the last’s expense, as a hopeful picture taker hoping to take on autonomous tasks, the main speculation you have to make is your time in building your profile on the web.

#10. Music school

business ideas in Nepal

Opening a music school is one of the ideas for starting a low investment business ideas in Nepal. All you need is a good space and the right location for starting a music school and some music teachers and instruments obviously. There is less competition about music institution in Nepal. So you can take advantage of it. You can start a brand new music school in your own home town and advertise your business to get your business up and running.

In Conclusion:

So these were the most profitable and small business ideas for you to begin a new and successful business in Nepal. It is a good idea to have things at hand and a ready mindset before starting any business.

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