10+ Online Business Ideas in Nepal

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10+ Online Business Ideas in Nepal

Online business startups in Nepal are pacing at a fast rate. There are various open doors and online business ideas in context of Nepal for a person to begin with. It is the most effective business and you can make money more than what you’ve imagine, if you follow it right. The business ideas mentioned below totally depends on how you start and implement it and the amount of knowledge you have in each business. Online business is simple to begin and work model that makes it much easier for people to start a business just with the help of computer.
There are various new and open business ideas that you can follow to begin starting online business in Nepal. We can discuss business thoughts throughout the day, yet you won’t go anyplace except if you get up and take care of business. If you are really passionate about starting your own online business in Nepal. You can read and follow the exact ideas here.
Nowadays there are many alternatives for you to begin an online business, which whenever followed correctly can produce an attractive amount of salary.

Online Business Ideas in Nepal

#1. Blogging
If you are interested in anything and can write about it, you can begin blogging. There are numbers of bloggers in Nepal who are making good money with their blogs. Choose a blogging platform like Word Press and set up a website. You can begin writing your articles.
You have to write articles consistently to become a successful blogger. Depending upon your effort and commitment you can start to make money from your blogs. There are numerous ways to monetize from your blog.
There are a few bloggers in Nepal who work partly and make simply enough money to meet their everyday costs, while others have made it their full time occupation and procuring an attractive living.

#2. Start Selling on Online Stores
The web based business area is blasting in Nepal and you could be a piece of it. You could begin selling on online shopping site like Daraz. You can simply create an account on daraz as seller and start selling your products.
All you need is Product which you want to sell, you can buy some product and sell online with some profit. You can also open your own one of a kind e-store online, creating an online store is not that hard these days. You can simply use wo-commerce and shopify with WordPress to create your very own online store

#3. Article Writing
If you have characteristic tendency and ability for writing an article, Article writing could be your ticket to beginning an independent online business in Nepal. You can write articles and sell them to organization. You could also work as freelance article writing in online job portals like upwork, freelancer, fiver and wettypen. Speaking in context of Nepal. I’ve seen various online site and travel companies who are looking for decent article writer. You can contact them through their site and offer your writing service. If you can provide quality service for them, they sure will provide good amount of money in return.

#4. Website optimization and SEO Expert

online business ideas in nepal

Website optimization and SEO is a basic territory for any business with an online presence. It includes some techniques and methods which can help a business website to rank high on Search engine result pages. Using SEO to increase the web index in the most crucial task that every business organization in Nepal is focused on. If you have no knowledge about SEO, you could begin learning right away. In such a case, If you have any ideas and knowledge about SEO then you can begin to help many business sites in Nepal to rank higher in search results. Most of the business organizations that don’t have SEO experts are searching for an individual with good SEO and website optimization knowledge.
As an SEO expert, you could connect with such organizations and offer your service as an SEO advisor.

#5. Start a YouTube Channel
I think you have already considered starting a YouTube channel in Nepal. Did you realize that beginning your very own YouTube channel is a fantastic online business thought which can make you a lot of money?

Online business ideas in Nepal

You can begin starting a YouTube channel focusing on specific things that you are interested in. Staring a successful YouTube channel requires a lot of work and patience. You can’t just upload a video and wait for hundreds of thousands of views overnight. First off, you have to create a content that gives your viewer a value. And know your audience and engage them with your content.
Once you target your viewer. You can start a YouTube channel focusing on different topics like Technology, music, vlogs, news, vines, comedy etc.

#6. Web Developer
Web development companies are rising in Nepal. In this age and day every business firms has a website. If you are one with web development skills, you can create website for businesses and make money from it. You can also start your own small web development company where you make web application. If you have no ideas about web development, there are already numbers of tutorials and video available for you to learn web development. Take some time and staring learning new skills. It is never a bad idea to learn new skills.

#7. Domain Broker
You can buy and sell domain name with profit. There are many domain broker who are making a lot of money. This domain business includes buying a good named domain and selling it at more expensive price to the individual who needs it. Once you purchase a perfect domain name, you can publish it for sale, so the people who are looking for the exact name can contact you.

#9. Business on Facebook and Instagram.
This one is the simple approach yet most effective way of starting online business in Nepal. There is no denying that you can have a profitable income from Facebook and Instagram. There are some people who are charging Rs 10,000 – 20,000 for single post. Once you have a huge fan base on Facebook or Instagram you can start to promote some organization in contact. You can check the fans of some popular Nepali pages like “meme Nepal” and “Routine of Nepal Banda” and it’s a great ideas for any business to promote themselves on these pages.

#10. Android App Development
As the number of android users is expanding with each passing day in Nepal. There are already hundreds of application Developers in Nepal who are profiting from online. If you have a tendency to develop an android application or some games. You have it.
You can publish the app on play store and participate with Google Admob program to monetize from your application
So if that you happen to have a cool, fun thought for another application and furthermore know to code, then you can make the application yourself.

#11. Online Tech Support
In the event that you are a Tech-savvy hoping to start online business in Nepal, this could be a truly gainful alternative for you. Regularly called, remote IT Support. Online technical support suppliers are prepared to deal with a scope of IT-related issues remotely – from PCs, systems administration to security dangers.

  1. Utilizing on the web technical support, little and medium-sized organizations can get to its full scope bolster administrations without putting time and cash in enlisting one.
    With the web quickly making advances into homes and workplaces universally, it bodes well to begin thinking as far as beginning an online business for yourself.

In Conclusion:

So friends, Think carefully before starting any above-mentioned business ideas and have a strong determinism. However, once you choose one and start your business then don’t think back and focus on your business.

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