10 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nepal

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10 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nepal

If you are developing a website you need a hosting server to host your site. Have you at any point been looking for the best web hosting company in Nepal? What’s more, all things considered, you may have found it to be really hard to find the best hosting provider. There are several hosting companies in Nepal but not many which you can choose to host your website. Choosing the hosting provider is the initial stage of your business web presence and you should definitely consider various things while choosing the best host, for example, things like price, downtime, support, bandwidth, storage, speed can have a significant impact on your website performance. If you are not careful about all these things and then your site is doomed. Having said that here we have compared and listed a few of the best hosting companies you can choose to host your site in Nepal.

Here’s Why You Should Choose Best Hosting Company in Nepal

#1. Server’s Response:

How fast your site response when you hit your sites URL in the browser. This can be affected by the hosting provider you are choosing. The best server response time in a minimum of 10 seconds and shouldn’t be greater than 60 seconds. Response time depends on what resources your hosting company is using in the storage such as the speed of Hard Disk(HDD) or Solid State Drive(SSD) and RAM. Server with weak response time often ends up making your site offline.

#2. Uptime:

Uptime is one of the vital components to consider if you don’t want to have your site down for even single second. If your site is down then it has a great loss not just in your business but also in with losing the trust of your clients and prospects the same. With everything taken into account, it prompts more terrible outcomes than one can ever envision.

#3. Free Auto SSL Certificate:

Check whether you hosting provider supports SSL or not. Choosing SSL is the most important things when you host your site. SSL provides extra layer of security to your site. SSL is mainly used to encrypt data between user and server to restrict any person in the middle to access the sensitive information. When you choose hosting server with SSL you are giving a deal of security to your site.

#4. Specialized Support :

There comes a time when you need support from the host. Choosing best hosting providers that are ready to provide specialized support to you in one thing you must consider. Attempt to pick a host that offers live help to their customers, every minute of every day. Likewise search for the individuals who offer talk support, just as social media visibility instead of email.

#5. Backup Service:

The present influx of digital dangers like ransomware is never again exclusively coordinated to fund sites. It has seen an expanded number of general sites being focused by these online viruses. Such acts frequently bring about unpredicted harms like the modification and alteration of your site’s index.php document. So also, you may likewise encounter extreme server downtime and disappointments. So make sure that your hosting providers offer continuous backup of your important file in case you are hacked.

#6. Price:

As far as what I have seen some hosting companies in Nepal commonly offers appealing hosting price during your first installment. Nonetheless, the renewal charges are regularly more than triple. Is it accurate to say that they are avoidable?. To stay away from the unexpected price for renewal, make sure to check the renewal charges for your chosen hosting company. Think about such costs for overhauls and host changes when picking your service providers.


10 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nepal

#1. Websnp Web Hosting and Domain Registration In Nepal (4.8/5.0)

WEBSNP is providing hosting service in Nepal since, almost 8 years. And with no complaint, you can choose this hosting service. It has great support for customer and you can also choose the various operating system to suit your projects.

Best Hosting Companies in Nepal
Best Hosting Companies in Nepal
  • Cheap Price
  • Great Features and technology
  • SSD powered service.

#2. Himalayan Host  (4.6/5.0): Best web Hosting company of Nepal

Himalayan host is with no doubt a great option to go to host your site in Nepal. It is the leading hosting company in Nepal. Himalayan Host is the best hosting service you can choose in Nepal.

Himalayan Host
Himalayan Host
  • 99% server uptime.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Secure and frequent backup of your database.

#3. HostingGround (4.8/5.0): Best web hosting company of Nepal.

Hostingground is your on the go service to host website in Nepal. It provides various packages to choose that suits your business. You can choose between Shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated server and Reseller hosting. It also provides great online support in case you need any help and support.

Best Hosting Companies in Nepal
Best Hosting Companies in Nepal
  • Free site transfer with the best security
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Daily and weekly backups


#4. Prabhu Host (4.5/5.0) : Best Web hosting company of Nepal

Prabhuhost is very dedicated hosting company of Nepal to provide best hosting experience to its customers. It ensures no downtime.

Best Hosting Companies in Nepal
Best Hosting Companies in Nepal
  • Cost-effective
  • Free trial
  • Regular Backup

#5. e Hosting Server: (4.5/5.0)

e Hosting server is the cheapest and yet effective and trust-worthy hosting service in Nepal. It is suitable for small startups business. You can pay less and get more services.

Best Hosting Companies in Nepal
Best Hosting Companies in Nepal
  • 24/7 supports
  • Free SSL with all Packages
  • Money-Back guarantee.

#6. HostMero (4.3/5.0)

Hostmero is another one to choose for the best hosting companies in Nepal. It provides both domain registration and web hosting service. It ensures an optimized site with pure SSD that runs on efficient hardware technology.

Best Hosting Companies in Nepal
Best Hosting Companies in Nepal
  • Pure SSD based servers.
  • Free SSL certificates.
  • Secured email accounts

#7. AGM Web Hosting: (4.3/5.0)

Yet another best web hosting company in Nepal that we have on our list. AGM web hosting provides different packages and data plan to choose that suits your need. It provides hosting at cheap price starting from NPR 479/Year for startup Linux hosting.

Best Hosting Companies in Nepal
Best Hosting Companies in Nepal
  • Free trial for testing
  • Free SSL
  • Easy installation and greater speed

#8. Web Tech Nepal : (4.0/5.0)

WebTech Nepal is another on the web hosting company for your hosting service. It is a reliable and secure hosting company in Nepal. Web Tech Nepal provides varieties of affordable and reasonable prices to choose hosting service. It is mostly suitable for personal hosting.

Best Hosting Companies in Nepal
Best Hosting Companies in Nepal
  • Great server uptime
  • Secure hosting

#9. WebLink Nepal: (4.5/5.0)

WebLink Nepal in one of the cheapest and reliable web hosting company in Nepal to host small and startups websites in Nepal.  it is recommended to host your business site in WebLink Nepal.

Best Hosting Companies in Nepal
Best Hosting Companies in Nepal
  • Cheapest web hosting
  • Great bandwidth
  • No Downtime

In Conclusion :

So, friends, These were the 10 of the best web hosting companies in Nepal. If you want to host your website then you can choose any of the web hosting companies mentioned above. If you are already hosting your website in any of the mentioned companies the let us know about the services and facilities they offer in the comment. 😀

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